8 Great ideas of what to do with kids at home during quarantine

Coronavirus locked us in with our children with no access to kindergartens, schools, nurseries, playgrounds, and meetings with friends. What to do with children at home all day? How to make them play by themselves, and giving us time to work or cook dinner? What to do with children at home during quarantine?

These difficult days can be used for family integration. Discomfort caused by the inability to go to the cinema or the playroom can become a starting point for building relationships and seeking common passions. How many times do we promise ourselves that we will do something with children on the weekend or on the holidays, and then we lack the time for it? This is the time!

We have prepared some ideas to make the time more fun for children (and parents!)

  • Exercise

    To burn the excess of children’s energy, start the day with 15 minutes of morning gymnastics. Try to keep your window open, it will help you start your day fresh. If you have stairs, 15 min of walking up the stairs will replace a solid energetic walk. Join your kids and there will be plenty of laughter too!

  • Play puzzles

    The world’s best boredom killer and at the same time, it practices patience, concentration, and teamwork. It is important not to leave the child alone with this game, because he will be quickly discouraged. If you don’t have puzzles at home, don’t worry, you can find online puzzles HERE

  • Organize a competition

    Children love competition, so it doesn’t matter if it is a competition for the highest tower of blocks, a house of cards, or who will clean their room first (recommended!).

  • Online fun with friends

    Online fun with friends Apps, websites, and services like ZoomFaceTimeWhatsAppCaribu and Marco Polo make it possible for kids to maintain friendships from a safe distance. Online game site Pogo allows kids to play some of their favorite board games, like Monopoly and Yahtzee, with friends without sitting around the same table.

child chatting to friend online
  • Make a home fashion show

    Prepare a catwalk with clothes borrowed from mom and dad, and don’t forget about a photo session!

  • Create a family tree

    Pleasant with useful. Children love to hear about how mom or dad was their age. Memories of family events, or browsing photo albums, are great to integrate family and a lesson for children about their roots. Printable templates of family trees can be found HERE

  • Play board games

    There are many great board games on the market. You probably have at least a few at home. Playing games is generally a great way to spend free time with the whole family – you can do it with kids and teens.

  • Create family albums

    Another super idea for what to do with children at home during lockdown is to create printed family photo albums. With the advent of digital cameras, viewing old family photos is an activity that has almost disappeared. Take some time to print family photos and putting them in albums. Children will definitely be delighted when they can view their photos of infancy.

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