The built environment where we live and work here at SOMO Village are complemented by culture, art, and beauty along with economic and social sustainability for a high-quality lifestyle. View the SOMO artworks and learn more about the artist’s who created them.

Artists and Artworks


Francesco Echo

Francesco Echo is a multifaceted creative who has spent a lifetime exploring music and visual art. Hailing from scenic Sonoma County, CA his music is evocative of the region’s lush and textural terroir. ...Read More >


Kellie Gillespe

Kellie Gillespie is an interdisciplinary artist practising and exploring new concepts of sculptural installation in both Los Angeles, CA and the Washington DC-Baltimore Metropolitan Area. Biography Kellie's work focuses ...Read More >


Kris Perry

Kris Perry, born in Berkeley, Ca., studied under illustrator Charles Pyle, and attended California College of Art. Biography Kris is a skilled craftsperson and metal fabricator, he has worked ...Read More >


Michelle Carnes

For Michelle Carnes, the creation of art is a transcendental undertaking. Her work is a testament of true dedication to being witness to the world around her. Michelle’s earliest artistic experiences were formed ...Read More >


Briona Hendren

Briona Hendren is an interdisciplinary artist, based in the San Francisco Bay Area working primarily in sculpture, installation, and performance art. Biography Briona Hendren began seriously creating works of ...Read More >

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