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Community. Lifestyle. Amenities.


A community focused on what matters most – high quality living. Development plans include a host of shops, offices, apartments, homes and neighborhoods organized around a 5-minute walk radius with convenience.

  • Design focuses on creating a sense of place, where people come first
  • Development framework concentrates on environmental, social and economic sustainability
  • Mixed-use, pedestrian oriented community design means daily services are convenient

SOMO Village is the first One Planet Community in North America. The One Planet Living framework provides 10 principles for healthy, happy living within our fair share of the Earth’s resources.

SOMO Living


Within 1/2 mile of work or home you’ll find the SOMO Village Square creating a lifestyle of convenience and sense of place. It’s there you’ll find live outdoor concerts, festivals and community events bringing opportunities for connections and culture.

  • Designed to be an inclusive community with a vast and diverse array of housing options
  • Plans include 38.54 acres dedicated to parks, with each designed for the neighborhood
  • Art is important and viewed as contributions to the community

Environmental, economic and social sustainability are embedded into SOMO Village. High value jobs, community, clean energy, green transportation and building, recycling, waste reduction, water reuse and conservation are all considered.


SOMO Village’s mixed use zoning allows for different use of work spaces and homes all in one community. Today, over 20 employers employ more than 1,000 people.

  • Plans are approved for 1,750 lots for homes of all sizes
  • Incentives programs will be developed to promote live-work opportunities
  • Homes styles will be driven by market demand and feature full amenities, energy saving designs and top-notch quality

Home types will be varied to include single-family, rowhouses, affordable-by-design homes, townhouses, multi-family condos, lofts, flats and luxury homes.