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Health, Happiness, and High-quality Living

SOMO Village enjoys nearby open space, situated at the foot of the Sonoma Mountains in the beautiful Sonoma County. This new kind of intergenerational community is designed to foster frequent in-person interactions and creating a sense of place, where people come first.

SOMO Village is an ideal home for forward-looking, active people who care about the state of the planet, who desire to move to net-zero and smart homes in affordable suburban locations yet with advantages of urban living.

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    SOMO Village is designed to embrace community living and help us to reduce the impact on the earth by allowing us to spend less time in our cars and more time walking, bicycling, recreating, and connecting to each other and is built by utilizing the best practices in sustainability, green technology, adaptive re-use, and new urbanism, to make sustainable and healthy living convenient.


    Creating a new atmosphere of community living based on wellness, sustainability, art, entertainment, and amenities such as cafes, restaurants, co-working space, educational facilities, and entertainment, similar to that of urban locations. 


    SOMO Village is approved to build 1,694 homes, plus 56 accessory dwelling units. As many as half of the units could be multifamily apartments or condominiums, with the balance being a combination of single-family homes and townhomes.  15% of the units (up to 254 homes) will be affordable.

    Sustainable and healthy living will be convenient
    with homes located within…

    Somo village commercial center
    Walk from the commercial center
    SMART train nearby 810
    Walk from the train station
    Somo village center
    Walk to town center

    Environmental Benefits

    Beyond the clear environmental benefits of a One Planet Community, the numerous energy and water-efficiency technologies included in each home will help to reduce utility expenses for residents. More importantly, it will also set SOMO Village apart as an example for future redevelopment projects.


    Located in one of America’s most beautiful regions, the SOMO Village community offers practical and approachable characteristics of a healthy community. SOMO Village features a wealth of community-enriching experiences and amenities that will inspire you to live a healthy lifestyle. Surrounded by spectacular world-class bike paths, regional parks, and panoramic Sonoma mountain views, SOMO Village truly offers a healthy lifestyle good for your mind, body, and spirit.

    Healthy Community

    We use architecture, landscaping, sustainability and more to encourage social interaction and active lifestyles.
    SOMO Village is designed to promote physical activity, interaction with nature and connection with the community beyond the property line. You might help tend a community garden or attend regularly scheduled concerts in an outdoor amphitheater.

    SOMO Village high-quality living provides a variety of amenities and services, so residents can focus on lifestyle and wellness. Read more>>

    • A community designed for residents’ physical, mental, social, and environmental health. 

    • Homes designed for physical, mental, social, and environmental health.

    • At SOMO Village we believe that environmental consciousness is important both inside and outside of the buildings. We want to foster connectedness and a sense of community in our global “Age of Loneliness.

    • Wellness communities are not just about environmentalism and wellness programming for residents, but incorporate an understanding of what truly enables wellbeing: human connection.

    Our focus is not on differentiating between live, work, and play, but instead on the seamless integration of a whole lifestyle.

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