Easy measures you can take to help your community during the Covid-19 Pandemic

The novel coronavirus has affected us all. While authorities are stressing the importance of social distancing to stop the coronavirus outbreak safe volunteering and service is more important during a crisis than ever. Helping others is one of the most efficient ways to take your focus off your own problems. Californians who want to further help their community can also do so safely. Most of which can all be done from the comfort of your own home.

We’ve compiled a list of easy measures you can take to help your community.

  • Donate blood

    Donating blood products is essential to community health and the need for blood products is constant. Due to the cancellation of thousands of blood drives, the U.S faces a severe blood shortage. Healthy individuals are needed to donate now to maintain a sufficient supply. America’s Blood Centers bring together community-based and independent blood centers across the country. You can use its website to find and schedule an appointment to make a blood donation in your area.

  • Ask your senior neighbor if he needs your support

    Support your neighbors, primarily seniors, and people who, in the face of the spread of coronavirus, need help in meeting their daily needs without exposing them to unnecessary leaving home. The state’s California Volunteers office encourages individuals who have time to drop off meals to vulnerable seniors to contact a local Meals on Wheels about needs in their area.

  • Support local businesses

    The small businesses and restaurant industry are one of the most exposed industries to major upheaval as a result of the pandemic. Therefore we should all try to support them. If possible, order a take out, or buy gift cards to your favorite restaurants and small businesses.

  • Donate food and sanitary products

    A massive uptick in panic-buying at supermarkets and shops resulted in rationing – food banks say they have seen a decline in donations and as a result are unable to keep up with demand in the coming weeks. It’s very important that we don’t waste what we bought and share the excess of food with people in need. We also encourage everyone to carry on donating after checking with their local food bank which items are most needed. You can check online for which items are most needed at your local food bank here https://www.feedingamerica.org/find-your-local-foodbank 

  • Help and donate to local nonprofits

    Local nonprofit organizations could use your time and money to make sure vulnerable populations are cared for during the pandemic. Let’s also not forget about animals. Animal rescues are always in need of money and foster, and now many are unable to employ their normal amount of staff, making the need even starker. You can donate to Wildlife Rescue Sonoma County or search for an animal to foster here https://sonomacounty.ca.gov/Health/Animal-Services/

  • Take care of yourself!

    As difficult and challenging it may be for us, Social distancing is the best way to reduce the spread of coronavirus disease and help your community remain safe. It means staying home as much as possible and avoiding crowded, public places where close contact with others is likely. Also, keeping hands clean is one of the most important steps we can take to avoid getting sick and spreading germs to others. So for some, doing your part will simply mean taking care of yourself. Be a hero – stay home and wash your hands!

  • Do not spread panic online

    Now we will all be spending more time online and communicating digitally, so it is more important than ever to keep in perspective the information we are sharing and messages we are putting out. Try not to spread unfounded rumors that may cause upset or panic. Social media are full of unreliable and fake stories that spread fear rather than build an understanding of the illness. One important way we can all do to combat the spread of panic is to be sure to triple check the sources from which you’re sharing.

Do you have other ideas to help our community?

Please comment and help us to share those ideas with other people trying to help.