Tips for working remotely

In a matter of days, the life of a global population has changed. We have been asked to do what might have been unthinkable: don’t leave the house at all means, unless you have to. Due to social distancing guidelines, for those who were lucky not to lose their jobs, remote work is a new reality. Remote work can pose challenges for people who have not dealt with it before. Working from home can be pleasant for many of us, but for some, it can be extremely onerous. Social Distancing restrictions can be particularly painful for working parents who, due to the closing of schools and kindergartens, must shuffle childcare and office duties.

So how to effectively work in remote mode and ensure that we stay productive and motivated?

  • Get up early

    Do you have problems getting up? Working remotely allows certain flexibility, however, you might be tempted to postpone your professional duties for “later in the day”, however, it is recommended to work in an office rhythm and adapt to the working hours of other employees.

  • The bed is calling you…but stand up!

    When working from home you can get up at 8:59 and make it at 9:00. It’s usually enough to reach for the laptop and work. Such a perspective seems tempting, and for some, it may even be a dream come true! However, this is the best way to spend eight hours under the covers, and fall asleep again in the same position. Vicious circle!

  • Don’t sit in your pajamas all-day

    Of course, you do not have to dress up for an important conference or meeting with a client, but it is worth differentiating the sleeping outfit from the one in which you would leave the house at all. Sitting or lying with a laptop in pajamas will not feel like you are at work. If you don’t mobilize to jump into normal clothes, you probably won’t get the energy to act.

  • Find the right place

    If you do not have a separate office room for working from home, make sure you have a space where you can work comfortably for 8 hours. A table and chair are enough. Empty the workplace from unnecessary things, and leave only the necessary equipment on the table – a computer, mouse, notebook and business phone. Turn off TV, Messenger or social media distractions. If available, choose a separate room as dedicated workspace. Then you can close the door to keep business in and family, friends, and pets out.

  • Set limits for work and free time

    When working from home, the house becomes an office. If we do not plan your time correctly, we may find ourselves staying at work 24/7. We have to set clear boundaries when being in the work mode. During work time, do not pay attention that there are dishes in the sink, or that you need to put laundry. Don’t forget about the second important factor, the time off from work is equally important for our efficiency and well-being. Set up specific hours for work, and have daily rituals that help to distinguish work and rest time, for example, exercise after your “office hours”.

  • Plan!

    Planning your work day and other duties will help you to fulfill your professional responsibilities. Only good organization will allow you to control your work at home. If you know that effective work prevents you from checking social networking sites and receiving private calls or email, try to limit it by blocking some websites.

Everyone who works remotely has to figure out when to work, where to work, and how to create boundaries between work and personal life.

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